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Welcome To Wealth Kare

A reputed name for comprehensive financial advisory and product distribution services

 At Wealth Kare, our mission is to provide our clients with the comprehensive, competent, customised and classy best solutions in wealth creation and wealth management areas. We are driven to provide clients with simple, unbiased and uncluttered professional advice that adds value to their quality of life and results in actionable solutions.

Mutual Funds

Your single point access to virtually all mutual fund schemes in the market

Capital Market

Trading & Demat Account services, get paperless access to MF, Equity and ETFs

Fixed Income

Get easy access to diverse debt products like Bonds, Company Deposits, etc. from the of the leading companies, institutions in India


We offer Portfolio Management Services (PMS) strategies with equity and mutual funds from the leading PMS providers in India.

Real Estate

Get access to exclusive opportunities for investment /consumption in real estate


Experience quality risk advisory and management services with our insurance solutions

Our Philosophy

  • Right People To Partner

    We have rich experience in financial advisory and products distribution space. Backed with right qualifications
  • Value Added Services

    Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence and control to you in managing your wealth. You
  • Rich Product Basket

    We offer a single point access to multiple financial and non-financial products and solutions with
  • Client Centric Approach

    Nothing influences and concerns us more than your long-term interests. Hence we have designed everything

Why us

  • Delivery
  • Process
  • Vision

Going beyond planning and execution services, we believe in building long-term relationship with you and be present to see you when you achieve your financial responsibilities & goals in life. All this while, we would ensure that you are always updated, informed and in control of your wealth.

We are driven to provide you with simple, unbiased and uncluttered professional advice that adds value to your quality of life and results in actionable solutions. We practice a client focussed, need-based, process oriented approach and rather than a product focussed and sales oriented approach.

At Wealth Kare, our vision is to provide you with the most ideal solutions in wealth management for your overall financial well-being. It is our mission to reach to a maximum number of clients and make a positive, worthwhile impact in their lives and help them achieve their responsibilities and financial goals in life.

Key Indicator

Index Current Previous Change Change(%)
NIFTY 100 11112.90 11136.30 -23.40 -0.21
NIFTY 100 TRI 14020.32 14049.56 -29.24 -0.21
NIFTY 200 5789.15 5802.30 -13.15 -0.23
NIFTY 50 10799.85 10817.70 -17.85 -0.17
NIFTY 50 TRI 14860.73 14885.30 -24.57 -0.17
NIFTY 500 9318.55 9343.70 -25.15 -0.27
NIFTY 500 TRI 13725.35 13762.12 -36.77 -0.27
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 18746.60 18812.60 -66.00 -0.35
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 TRI 23881.93 23965.15 -83.22 -0.35
NIFTY NEXT 50 29064.75 29215.65 -150.90 -0.52
NIFTY NEXT 50 TRI 39016.51 39213.94 -197.43 -0.50
NIFTY SMALLCAP 100 INDEX 7566.55 7629.20 -62.65 -0.82
S&P BSE 100 11101.22 11119.57 -18.35 -0.17
S&P BSE 100 TRI 13046.92 13068.49 -21.57 -0.17
S&P BSE 200 4671.38 4679.88 -8.50 -0.18
S&P BSE 200 TRI 5487.04 5496.95 -9.91 -0.18
S&P BSE 500 14777.60 14813.40 -35.80 -0.24
S&P BSE MIDCAP 15972.10 16001.20 -29.10 -0.18
S&P BSE MIDSMALLCAP INDEX 4389.52 4412.38 -22.86 -0.52
S&P BSE SENSEX 35548.26 35622.14 -73.88 -0.21
S&P BSE SMALL CAP 16830.67 16961.16 -130.49 -0.77
Data As On Date : 18-Jun-2018

Fund Manager Interviews

Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan

Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan

Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan Designation: CIO – India Equity Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan is Chief Investment Officer (Franklin Equity - India) for Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt Ltd. Mr. Radhakrishnan is…


Mr. Santosh Kamath

Mr. Santosh Kamath

Mr. Santosh Kamath CIO – Fixed Income Santosh Kamath is Managing Director of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income in India. He oversees the fixed income functions of the locally managed and…


Mr. Vihang Naik

Mr. Vihang Naik

Mr. Vihang Naik FUND MANAGER - EQUITY, L&T INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD. Vihang Naik is fund manager at L&T Investment Management. He manages L&T TaxSaver Fund and L&T Long Term Advantage…